The 1st NextGEng CEL Projects Round is organized in the spring semester of 2024. These projects focused on solving a proposed topic from a company or research group over one academic semester. In this way we facilitate close collaboration between students, HEI staff and company experts in an international environment that stimulates experiential learning.  

The topics for the first round are:

  • CEL1 topic: Design of an olive quality control system  (proposed by ISR)
  • CEL2 topic: Design of a 3-axes GANTRY ROBOT (3GR) (proposed by TUCN RG)
  • CEL 3 topic: Design of a test object for a pressing-based manufacturing process

A detailed description of the topics and the CEL Project concept is presented HERE.

For this round a number of 54 students from University of Jaen, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and Jamk University of Applied Sciences (18 from each university) will be selected to participate in the project. We invite you to get in contact with the CEL Project representative from your university and apply for participation.  


University of Jaén (Spain): Silvia Satorres Martínez ( / José Ignacio Jiménez González (   

Technical University of Cluj Napoca (Romania) : Ciprian Lapusan (  

JAMK University of Applied Sciences  (Finland): Anneli Kakko, email:

Useful docs: NextGEng CEL Project Participation Form ; NextGEng CEL Project 1st Round topics