The second WP2 Training Seminar on NextGEng is organized by JAMK University of Applied Sciences in an online format on February 22, 2024. The seminar aims to highlight and analyze best practices from the NextGEng Team-Teaching Pilot Program, showcasing the impact of collaborative teaching on engineering education. The main topics will focused on student-centered learning, international co-teaching, and innovative teaching methods.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Opening: A warm welcome by Jamk Project Manager Anneli Kakko and NextGEng Project Manager Ciprian Lapusan, followed by an overview of the day’s goals,
  • Session 1: Revealing insights from surveys on team-teaching, presented by Petri Luosma and Tarja Moilanen
  • Session 2: Discussion on the NextGEng Team-Teaching Pilot Program, exploring concepts, planned activities, and expected outcomes
  • Session 3: Exploration of student-centeredness concepts, implementation case studies, and interactive workshops focusing on shared learning and future course implementations

NextGEng consortium partners, Associate Partners, and Guests are cordially invited to the event. The second session is open to the public, welcoming all who are passionate about transforming engineering education.