The main objective of the work package is to develop a pilot program that implements international team teaching as part of the
educational process in all HEI partners for the engineering courses in their curricula. The activities in work package directly support the development of the project objectives.

The specific objectives of work package are

  • Development of joint courses: For each of the courses an international co-teaching team is created that includes HEI course responsible teachers and company experts that work together in the development of new teaching materials and teaching methods.
  • Implementation and evaluation of the international team-teaching process in all partner HEIs: The new content and
    teaching methods are delivered to students starting with the second year of project implementation. In each HEI the
    coordinator teacher together with the NextGEng co-teaching team members work together in delivering the course content
    and interact with students using new teaching methods, digital tools and virtual environments.
  • Introduce new courses and share the pilot program best practices with new partners: A best practice guide that presents the implementation of international team-teaching in engineering is developed. This guide is used to disseminate the best practices allowing others HEIs to implement similar initiatives.